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Course Costs

Students may enroll in a number of different courses at the same time if they wish. 

Please note that courses are payable monthly in advance. Payment may be made in cash or by bank eft deposit. 

We also have a card machine for swiping id you wish to use your bank/credit card







GBM Academy Live Training School

Prepare For Your Ministry Calling

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If you are called to any kind of ministry this is the place to come and receive training. No matter what your need, we are able to provide training and materials for it. 

GBM Live Training

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We hold live training sessions for the following courses of GBM Academy. To find out more about the courses below, got to the curricula page, where you will find details on each course.

Ministry Courses Available

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We offer two degree levels (Bachelor and Master Degrees) for the following six schools. 

1. Fivefold Prophets School
2. Fivefold Business School
3. Fivefold Pastoral School
4. Fivefold Teachers School
5. Fivefold Apostles School
6. Fivefold Evangelists School.

Students who have studied the main subjects in all schools may apply for a Doctor of Ministry Degree.

Go Take The Land!

Additional Courses

We also offer courses that are not entirely ministry oriented, but can be used for those setting up a ministry.  Some of the courses offered are as follows:

Music Courses

We offer training for those who wish to learn to play an instrument in four courses - Worship Guitar, Worship Piano, Worship Drums and Worship Bass Guitar.

Writing Courses

We offer training to show you how to write your book, and then publish it online. There are three main courses as follows:

Christian Fiction, Christian Teaching and Inspiration, Self-publishing and Converting Preaching to Print.

Computer/Internet Courses

For those who wish to learn computer programming, we offer an introductory course on Programming For the Web Using PHP and MySQL.

All of our websites have been designed using these tools, and we have also created our own web system, which enables us to create and maintain websites that have all the facilities needed for an online ministry.

You will be taught how to use these tools to create your own websites. 

Public Ministry

For those who wish to present their ministry online or set up a live training school, we offer two courses. One on setting up your ministry website, using our unique web system and another on setting up your own Live Training School.

All courses require a minimum number of enrolled students to commence. If you are interested in doing a course, you may register in advance. When we have enough students you will be advised on when the course will start. 

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For a details on each school course, visit the school website using one of the links above.

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